Maine Made Coffee Tables

birdctableweb.jpg (22916 bytes)These tables are available with animals, birds and fish. There are 3 sizes available.
1) 19.5 X 22.5 X 48 inches
This table would be used for larger mammals or two smaller ones.
2) 19.5 X 22.5 X 36 inches
This table is suitable for 2 birds or fish and medium to small animals.
3) 19.5 X 22.5 X 18 inches This table is suitable for an end table and is large enough for medium size animals.

Prices vary on the tables depending on what animals, fish, or birds you choose. All tables are custom made to your liking. Please email, phone or fax Frasers Taxidermy for details.

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bcatb3.jpg (66990 bytes)Small Game kingsalmonweb.jpg (12276 bytes)Fish pheasweb.jpg (19349 bytes)  Birds
bearshweb.jpg (12868 bytes)Large Game bearrugweb.jpg (14911 bytes)Rugs skullcaseweb.jpg (13780 bytes)Novelties/Tanning

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